Self-Scaping helps you to live the excited life of your dreams!

Make yourself free from all annoying unnecessary behaviors to yield an exciting future!

My mission especially in this covid-19 related period is to help as many people as possible with different kind of techniques to get rid of unwanted behaviors and of worthless habits to get the enriched fulfilled life of your dreams.

Self-Scaping is a set of tools we show you and enable you to apply these yourself similar as Life-Scaping performed face to face or online together. I want to show you to make the amazing changes to become happy, successful, clear, and free and to believe in your ability to create the best life you can imagine, and you desire to live in your individual way.

We practice tools to approach and solve specific issues we are confronted with such as anxiety, phobia, weight issues, and smoking.

Self-Scaping is similar to guided visualization or imagery as is sometimes used in Mindfulness routines. It is like a bridge that will allow you to explore new territories and embark on an exciting journey through life. Self-Scaping uses the client’s unconscious mind in a complex landscape of metaphors and symbols of the internal mental architecture to change these for altering the experience of the selected topic.

Self-Scaping is based on the concept that persons have an internal map for every topic or issue in order to navigate through life. One needs to determine precisely first what is the topic to work on. One goes into a light trance and uses one's own metaphor or imagines a map of a town or landscape below the chair one is sitting on. The map spreads out in each direction until the horizon and becomes 3-dimensional with all the features that are there - some natural and some man-made. One is exploring and landscaping, this means changing things and objects for one's conformity to enable moving easily around in the landscape. The protocol instructs the person’s unconscious mind to communicate with the metaphors and adapting them will unlock the situation. This changes the internal representation of the topic one works on considerably and lets the person have a much better perception and feeling about the topic.

We help you to find your true self and let go of parts which are not you, but are placed on you by others, society, culture or media.

Discover our approach to access and re-establish self-control, your inner strength and confidence, and to enjoy an increased life experience.

We often work content free and refrain from reliving traumatic situations in an associate position. Often this causes abreactions and re-traumatizes rather than helps resolve. With the scientifically investigated 'False Memory Syndrome' we doubt how real such a reminiscence is and if not fantasy plays here an important role.

Our scope is teaching people skills to enhance their life quality and to get an exciting positive outcome in each situation. Sessions are available online or face to face. Presently we use mostly online sessions. Our tools are with some adaptations just as effective online as done face to face. You can stay at home in a safe place to experience it and to contribute to your personal development.

How would it feel if you would have the ability to eliminate all negative limiting beliefs and any irrational fears, and access all your inner strength, confidence, and the knowledge you have?

If you want to know more about how our tools work, or if you want to work on a certain topic, do not hesitate to contact us.

We currently focus on the following main topics:
Every human being has a lot of inner resources for organizing an awesome life with fulfillment and excitement.
Often there is a certain life topic that we humans repeatedly encounter and that challenges us again and again.

Allow yourself to feel free to contact us for a 10 min free or a 60 min conversation online or over the phone. Your turn:


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